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By: non-member | June 27, 2014

I had a Groupon to use this place of business. Booked an appointment, but due to unforeseen circumstances I tried to cancel the appointment and move it ahead to next week. I called and was told to send an email. The reply from the email is they will respond within 48 hours. I thought it best to send someone else with my car to honour the appointment. We phoned before arrival but there was no answer.Upon arrival they was no one in the front of the shop so he rang the bell several times with no response. He could hear talking so he thought maybe the staff had gone next door, went into the business next door and was told that they were not there. Went back to the shop and continued ringing the bell when there was no response he decided to walk around the building and stepped inside where the vehicles are detailed calling out hello. An employee approached him from behind reeking of marijuana and said that he had received an email cancelling the appointment. The employee was extremely...


Bizzy Boy

47 Ingram Drive Toronto, ON

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By: scarlet | March 27, 2014

A couple weeks ago I went to my favorite car wash to have my car cleaned. As it was a weekday I asked him how soon he could get my car washed and he told me it would take over two hours. I said I would come back on the weekend as I had to get back to work, he then started yelling at me in a very aggressive way, that I should “LEAVE THE CAR WITH HIM NOW”. I once again explained that not only did I have to get back to work, but that I had a meeting and it was impossible for me to have it done that day and that I would come back on the weekend. He was still yelling at me to leave my car as I was driving away.

I returned on Saturday and as I pulled up, he screamed loudly that I should go and park my car. I was feeling a little uneasy and wondered if I should just leave, but the car was very, very dirty, almost to the point that it was unsafe to drive. I also had a friend waiting and was already ten minutes late. Plus I was concerned that I had to pick up my dog from...


P3 Car Wash

Manulife Centre Toronto, ON

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F1 Auto Spa is a world class...

By: f1autospa | August 17, 2012

F1 Auto Spa is a world class detailing studio!
They are so good, that when I purchased my new 911 4S I had them prep the car rather than allow the dealer's people to touch it. They use only the finest products like Menzerna polishes, Swissvax gentle wash shampoo and fine waxes all applied by hand!

F1 Auto Spa

1100 Finch Ave West #11B Toronto, ON

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excellent cleaning but damage my...

By: non-member | May 2, 2012

My friend recommended me to call elite mobile to detail my car. They did a excellent job cleaning it inside and outside. But unfortunately it seems like there is some kind of chemical stain on my tan leather interior. I asked them about it and they said they didn't do it. I'm sure the stain wasn't there before. I'm quite upset about the fact they didn't admit to it and take responsibility.

I would NOT call them again .

probably the best in toronto

By: ogilad | June 17, 2011

I take my Acura RDX to numerous different detailers but decided to try New Image after my neighbour recommended them. Lawrence really knows how to take care of your vehicle. Prices are fair and service is incredible. Worth every penny! The tires looked newer then new and overall look touch and feel of the car was excellent. I've finally found a trustworthy car detailer that I can afford.

Best Detail Job Ever

By: non-member | February 28, 2011

Dear DAD'S,

Thanks you so much for coming to my job and taking on what seemed like an impossible mission of cleaning my mini van! I have 3 small children, need I say more. Your staff was very professional and you did an excellent job. It's hard to drop my car off at a detail shop and wait for 2-3 hours so this worked out perfectly. I have already referred you to my co-workes, so keep the phone lines clear!

Satisfied customer,
Sarah Jenkins

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