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My exterior detail, monthly draw win

By: trenasal | July 14, 2016

Hello, my name is Trena Salle and Ryan came and did my exterior detail today July 14th, I cannot say enough how happy I am with the job he did on my 2007 saturn ion, She looks brand new and sparkles like diamonds. Ryan was very courteous & professional and very pleasant to talk with. Everything like hoses etc. were put back where he found them. I will highly reccomend Ryan to everyone I know and I cannot wait till CAN AFFORD TO GET HIM TO DO THE INSIDE

Substandard repairs, bad service,...

By: Terrymc | April 4, 2016

Terrible, substandard repairs, vehicle unsafe to drive. After 3 months gave up trying to get my truck fixed properly. They fixed the bent spring hanger by painting it, not fixing it. Too many other issues to list, terrible service, terrible repair work. Don't believe Intact Insurance when they tell you to take your vehicle to their preferred shops, they don't "guarantee" anything, it's between you and the body shop. This shop returned my vehicle without any working tail lights and 20 or more other deficiencies some more serious than the taillights.

Just 1 problem

By: non-member | March 10, 2016

They're all great for service there's just ONE guy who is a complete rip off. he asked for 270 for a thermostat and replacement of 1 window motor. about 3 months later i went and got the other 3 window motors replaced and Neel (the owner) himself only asked for about 160. That ONE weasel guy is a problem. over charges on everything when the owner or owner's son is not around. on top of that he's trying to steal business. He gave me his personal cell and told me if i needed an oil change to call him instead of the shop. he's a taller, slimmer guy with a mustache. I'm pretty sure he still works there but he's the only reason i try not to go there unless i absolutely need to, and when i go I come back at a time when he's busy so i dont get his service. nnAside from him the rest of the staff are great, the owner is a great guy. His son is always on top of things and work gets done quickly with care and quality. I would give a full 5 stars but beware of that one mechanic

Neels Lube & Auto Detailing

220 Rutherford S Brampton, ON

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By: non-member | April 29, 2015

I have sent 2 Corvettes to Troy and his team. The first Corvette was cleaned, polished and 70% protected with clear film. The car went in looking good without the clear film and came out looking better with the clear film...Awesome job. My second Corvette had the film done by the "dealer's expert". I guess I did not know how good the workmanship at Auto Obsessed was until I saw the work from the dealer, who claimed that their expert was the best in town. I drove this car almost 2 years before I had Troy re-do the clear film.
Troy and his team are perfectionist when it comes to what a car should look like...I thought I was the only one. Great job guys. Thank you.


Auto Obsessed

9635 - 63 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB

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Not worth the money

By: Camilot | April 11, 2015

Paid for a "Gold" and if that's what you get don't waste your money. My dash steering column is still covered in dust. My view screen was never wiped. There's still dirt marks on the glove box. There were coffee drips on the consol which are still there. The outside still have dirt streaks. Extremely disappointed in what you pay and what you get. Will find somewhere else for sure. I remember when it first started up - you sure didn't get this poor quality of service.

Worst Experience in 2014

By: non-member | February 14, 2015

Arrived at the Car Pride for an interior and exterior car wash for my modest Honda Civic. The young lady at the front desk was very pleasant and told me I had to join line, I waited patiently for about 15 minutes. I reached the drive through door when one of the workers told me to go into the waiting area and pay. While sitting there the worker came back and informed be that my car key was broken, I immediately went outside and found the manager (Mr. Nash) sitting in my vehicle trying to get the key out. Being a rational person I did not yell or scream at anyone. Mr. Nash told me that the key was broken when he entered the vehicle, he defended his employee and informed me to call CAA or the dealer. I tried to talk to Mr. Nash but he completely brushed me off and pushed my car to the side, he stated that the only thing that he could do was to give me a free car wash (lol). I went back to the front desk and asked for a refund the young lady put the money back on my debit card. I felt...


Car Pride AUTO SPA

2380 Royal Windsor Drive Mississauga, ON

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By: Maurizzio S | January 3, 2015

I completely amazed with this guys.

I have a Black Bentley GT 2011 and unfortunately my wife paid one mobile person to detail my car for my Birthday present and they ruined my paint using dirty wash pads.

I took my car to this guys at SHOWROOM AUTO SPA and they just recommend to wet-sand and cut polish my paint and after 7 hours approx they just came with this beauty like if I never drove it before just like a mirror. Fully recommended and a exceptional customer service.

Thank you so much guys !!!

Showroom Auto Spa

55 E 5th ave Vancouver, BC

category: Detailing - Service providers

Viral video shows how porsche got...

By: Tommy21 | October 27, 2014

Saw a video on yorkbbs showing 2 nerdy guys wiping down a Porsche Macan. Guy uses one towel to wipe down the bumpers then go straight to the hood without cleaning or switching towels. My chinese friend who read the long post says the owner denies any possibility it was scratched during wash and warned me to stay away.

EE Auto Detailing

7 HARLECH CRT Thornhill, ON

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By: non-member | June 27, 2014

I had a Groupon to use this place of business. Booked an appointment, but due to unforeseen circumstances I tried to cancel the appointment and move it ahead to next week. I called and was told to send an email. The reply from the email is they will respond within 48 hours. I thought it best to send someone else with my car to honour the appointment. We phoned before arrival but there was no answer.Upon arrival they was no one in the front of the shop so he rang the bell several times with no response. He could hear talking so he thought maybe the staff had gone next door, went into the business next door and was told that they were not there. Went back to the shop and continued ringing the bell when there was no response he decided to walk around the building and stepped inside where the vehicles are detailed calling out hello. An employee approached him from behind reeking of marijuana and said that he had received an email cancelling the appointment. The employee was extremely...


Bizzy Boy

47 Ingram Drive Toronto, ON

category: Detailing - Service providers


By: scarlet | March 27, 2014

A couple weeks ago I went to my favorite car wash to have my car cleaned. As it was a weekday I asked him how soon he could get my car washed and he told me it would take over two hours. I said I would come back on the weekend as I had to get back to work, he then started yelling at me in a very aggressive way, that I should “LEAVE THE CAR WITH HIM NOW”. I once again explained that not only did I have to get back to work, but that I had a meeting and it was impossible for me to have it done that day and that I would come back on the weekend. He was still yelling at me to leave my car as I was driving away.

I returned on Saturday and as I pulled up, he screamed loudly that I should go and park my car. I was feeling a little uneasy and wondered if I should just leave, but the car was very, very dirty, almost to the point that it was unsafe to drive. I also had a friend waiting and was already ten minutes late. Plus I was concerned that I had to pick up my dog from...


P3 Car Wash

Manulife Centre Toronto, ON

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Great service at the office

By: samsosa | September 11, 2013

I had my car detailed by Joseph from Diamond Shine. He was very professional and answered all of my concerns about handing over my keys to him. They are fully insured and did a great job cleaning and polishing my truck. I will be calling him back for more work before the winter season.

Diamond Shine Mobile Detailing

123 Your Street Court Ottawa, ON

category: Detailing - Service providers


By: smarty | May 15, 2013


Surrey Car Care

13160 80 Ave Surrey, BC

category: Detailing - Service providers

Great work

By: BarrieCarter | April 27, 2013

I had a couple of scratches around my 2010 BMW and contacted RestorFX to have them come take a look at the vehicle. He quoted me price and when the job was done the next day it was the exact price he quoted me. My X5 look almost new and it seems to be a more vibrant blue than previously. My co-workers think I got a new one but it is the same vehicle. I would recommend RestorFX of Barrie anytime.